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Prosperity Capital Management is one of the largest Russia-focused asset managers in the world, with around USD 3.6bn of assets under management.


PCM is one of the largest portfolio investors specialising in investment in Russia and the FSU countries. PCM is currently managing assets worth around USD 3.6bn.

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Prosperity Capital Management employs the same investment philosophy and methodology across all of the assets under management, though broadly the investment vehicles can be separated into two strategies; fundamental value and special situations.

The fundamental value strategy seeks to access companies that have come further along the transformation from Soviet-era “production units” to more modern “Western-style” corporations, whilst the special situations strategy seeks to identify the triggers for these changes much earlier in the process.

There is a level of overlap between the two strategies and consequently the investment vehicles also. In general, as the fundamental value strategy is investing in companies that are more developed, they tend to be larger, more visible, better listed and more liquid than many of those in the special situations strategy.


Founder's 2016 End of Year Message

2016 was, in many respects, an eventful year with several unexpected developments and it is not easy to know where to start in seeking to summise it.

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28th September 2016

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Prosperity Analysis

Seeing the wood for the trees

It is now twenty years since the launch of the Russian Prosperity Fund and twenty-three years since I first started investing in Russia

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A real breakthrough in the corporate governance of state-owned enterprises

For years, Russia had the appearance of a low-yielding equity market - at least in the eyes of those who 

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Russia is not an enemy

The occasion of Prosperity’s XX anniversary provides a reason for us to offer a longer perspective on international relations and Russia’s place within the international system.

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A review of recent corporate governance and regulatory changes

Over Prosperity’s twenty-year experience of investing into Russia, corporate governance has represented the principal risk.

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A hack job

Having invested into Russia and the Former Soviet Union for twenty years, it is fair to say that we have learnt to treat much of what the mainstream media writes and says about the region with considerable and justifiable suspicion.